Sibona is one of the historic distilleries in Piedmont and has the old No. 1 distilling license. Discover the unique Sibona product range in our ZEGG stores ZEGG 3000, ZEGG Duty Free Arcada and ZEGG Duty Free Laret in Samnaun.

The Antica Distilleria Domenico Sibona S.p.A. is located in the Roero area in the municipality of Piobesì d'Alba, just a few kilometers from Alba. Founded more than a century ago on the same site where a brick-making distillery used to stand, it is in the heart of the winegrowing region where the best Piedmontese wines are grown: the Nebbiolo grape.
Originally, the noble drops were burned with the aid of a disused steam locomotive, which was then replaced with copper burners. However, the pomace will continue to be fresh, i. directly after delivery, fired, which allows Sibona to incorporate even more fragrances and aromas of the selected product to the Grappe. Last but not least, a long storage in a small wooden barrel (barrique) helps to make it smoother and more pleasing and to enrich the variety of aromas and flavors.

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