News · 22/08/2022

Gritti - Ivy Collection

The two fragrances from the Ivy collection by Gritti have just arrived: Beyond the Wall & You're so Vain.

We look forward to your visit to the ZEGG Haute Parfumerie Arcada in Samnaun!

Beyond the Wall
The curiosity to go beyond; take away breaking out. The future is spontaneous: never fixed, always changing. Exciting and airy, carefree. Only if you dare.

A mischievous approach to the great Orientals. A perfumer's vision of a modern way of interpreting the most traditional family of fragrances. Luca Gritti takes the best of Middle Eastern style and overlays its warm, soothing vibes with clear, fine structures of European perfumery: milk and cardamom, golden spicy powder and soft, subtle iris.
The future knows no borders.

You're so Vain
The freedom to be yourself: unconventional, headstrong, vain. Unique. The courage to accept and the ability to destroy. The audacity to live by your own rules. A song about Luca Gritti. And now the scent.

With this composition, Luca Gritti tames one of the most ambiguous notes in perfumery: black currant. Its sparkling yet deep character is blended with herbaceous chypre nuances and intensified by fresh and juicy Italian citrus. Elegant and explosive. Pure vanity.