News · 27/04/2021


A golden moment of undeniable beauty. A moment whose unique radiance simply overwhelms us. A fleeting blink of an eye
between day and night, when beauty becomes grace - the grace of the golden hour in the peaks of the Alps.

Inspired by this fleeting moment, La Prairie aims to capture that unique glow to make the complexion glow. The goal is an inner glow that transforms the skin.

This work of art can only achieve a single ingredient that is as rare as it is precious: gold. A noble metal whose warm, flattering shine is everlasting and which enchants everything with its glowing shine.

Inspired by the grace of the golden hour, La Prairie created its first refillable jars. The new brushed metal jars and lids can be reused indefinitely.

Discover the Pure Gold Collection from La Prairie in our ZEGG Store - ZEGG Haute Parfumerie Arcada in Samnaun.