News · 04/04/2022

Montale - New Arrivals Spring 2022

Discover the 2 new fragrances from Montale in our ZEGG Haute Parfumerie Arcada in Samnaun.

Aqua Palma
In the midst of the sand sea of ​​Ubari, in midsummer, when the east sun is at its zenith, Aqua Palma shows a mirage of the senses. The sweet freshness of citrus and peach and the enveloping notes of tuberose, iris and tonka bean enhance each other, carried by the warm hints of ambergris and sandalwood. An olfactory creation inspired by a luxurious oasis. A hidden treasure in the heart of immensity.

Wood on Fire
Wood on Fire, a dark and deeply mystical fragrance with a burning aura that warms the hearts of humanity. Straight from the flames, this bold scent will set your soul on fire with its delicate notes of oud wood, sandalwood and burnt vetiver. Its smoke, enhanced by a powerful vanilla accord, marries the mystical amber scents to give you a scent that resonates with the history of the world.