News · 13/04/2021


NEW at ZEGG Haute Parfumerie Arcarda - ALPHAORA 30 - a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume.

“An Assam moss that is as complex as it is profound, revealing an amber-like warmth between sage, dried fruits and blonde tobacco. The sweet resin of Hinoki wood, the wonderful scent of flowers of an umbrella acacia under the sun, crowned by the radiance of the blood orange. ”- Pierre Guillaume

The northern lights make the polar nights glow like luminous creatures that meander through the icy sky. Daughters of the solar winds and the earth's magnetic field, their heavenly glow gives lichens, mosses and snow-covered vegetation an unearthly aura. Experience this moment. Imagine the mysterious glow of the northern lights, how the moss of a tree is transformed by the glow.