News · 06/04/2022

Pierre Guillaume - La Nymphe & Le Poet

New in our ZEGG Haute Parfumerie Arcada - La Nymphe & Le Poet by Pierre Guillaume - a unique fragrance!

Romanticism, 19th Century Romantic Poetry.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a new sensibility that intensified the expression of feelings towards passions kindled in Europe. As a result of political and social upheavals, it is primarily political in the first place. Questioning people about their deep aspirations in the face of authoritarian dynasties, it confronts artists with an uncertain and dark fate.

Feeding your imagination, opposing sentiment to reason, it becomes a cultural movement that seeks a path of escape and joy through exoticism, mythology, irrationality, melancholy and passions.

A rose tea with accents of violets and spices. The uniqueness of an original material: the absolute of rose tea leaves, whose complex green responds to the amber warmth of the cistus branches.

An imaginary idyll between the nymph Erato and the German poet Novalis.