News · 06/12/2021


From the heart of ancient Egypt. The new fragrance from the Sapphire Collection takes us back to a breathtaking metropolis of this world: Aswan (Aswan). Aswan, located directly on the Nile, is the southernmost city in Egypt and is also known as the "Pearl of the Nile". The city also gives its name to the famous Aswan Dam, which dams the Nile below the dam to Lake Nasser.

Inspired by this historic city, Widian combines the old with the modern in a sophisticated way with this fragrance creation. The result is a modern fragrance that can be worn in every metropolis in the world, created with traditional ingredients from the Nile region.

Hieroglyphics adorn the bottle: Aswan in the ancient Egyptian script. The fragrance oil concentration is 24%.

Discover the ASWAN fragrance from WIDIAN in our ZEGG Haute Parfumerie Arcada in Samnaun.