Discover in our ZEGG shops ZEGG 3000, ZEGG Duty Free Arcada and ZEGG Duty Free Laret the insider tip from Italy - The Berta distillery.

The Berta distillery is more than just an insider tip in Italy, it has already achieved something of cult status. The story of the Berta family as a grappa maker began in 1947. Gianfranco, the distiller, and "Chicco" Enrico, the salesman, manage the farm today amidst the hilly Piedmontese countryside and in the middle of a strip of land where the rural traditions of the Langhe and the Monferrato come together. What starts with top-quality pomace, its quality-preserving transport and sophisticated storage, results in a great variety of grappe of great fruitiness and softness. Depending on the style, the Grappe ripens in stainless steel, in used Slavonic oak, in original Marsala barrels or in the best French Allier oak barrels to incorporate the richness of the wood tannins into the fire without overpowering them with wood flavors. The finesse and fineness of the Berta distillates shows that Gianfranco also more than mastered his craft of refining. The barrel maturity can vary greatly from: from a few months to 20, even 25 years.

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