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De Faveri Spumanti is a family-run winery that produces Prosecco. The winery was founded in 1978 by Lucio and Mirella De Faveri and is located in Vidor in the heart of the DOCG area of Prosecco. The winery produces Prosecco in all variations, from DOC Treviso to DOCG to Millesimato and Cartizze. The winery owns 21 hectares of vineyards (15 hectares of DOCG and 6 hectares of DOC Treviso), distributed among the municipalities of Valdobbiadene, Vidor and Farra di Soligo. The winery De Faveri has existed for almost 40 years and today sells its wines worldwide. The great recognition that the De Faveri wines find shows that consumers appreciate the quality and professionalism of the De Faveri family. Today, the children Giorgia and Giordano work in the family business.

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