Discover the variety and uniqueness of La Aroma del Caribe cigars in our walk-in humidor at ZEGG Duty Free Arcada in Samnaun.

The cigars from Ashton are legendary. After more than 25 years of experience in producing Dominican cigars, Ashton first ventured into new territory in 2010 - cigars from Nicaragua. With the La Aroma del Caribe, they impressively proved that their sense of making fantastic cigars did not deceive them in this case either. A select group of master scooters make by hand only a limited amount of La Aroma del Caribe, so as to ensure the special quality of the cigars.
Pleasant to look at are the seamless, pumpkin-colored cover sheets from Ecuador (sun grown!). These envelop a unique blend of rich, long matured Nicaraguan tobaccos. You can also feel the deep notes of earth and cedar. These are accompanied by lighter aromas such as leather and cinnamon. La Aroma del Caribe cigars provide a fine and complex pleasure experience. Best enjoyed with an espresso, cognac or armagnac.
Nicaraguan cigars at the highest level!


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