Discover the unique character of Martini Vermouth in the ZEGG Stores ZEGG 3000 and ZEGG Duty Free Laret in Samnaun.

In MARTINI®, there is a spark of passion that once drove two men to forever mark the culture of Italy with their life's work: Alessandro Martini - a spirited entrepreneur with a global vision, and Luigi Rossi - a creative liqueur master whose herbs are their aromatic Fragrance spilled over the entire Via Dora Grossa in Turin ... In 1863, the two seal their new partnership with their first Vermouth: the MARTINI® Rosso. To date, the original recipe remains unchanged.
MARTINI® is based on Trebbiano by Emilia Romagna and Catarratto of Sicily, masterfully refined by the herbalist art. The dry blends contain extracts of aromatic herbs, fragrant fruits, exotic woods and beguiling spices in varying amounts and mix. Their interaction in the extraction gives each MARTINI® its individual character.

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