The essences of love

There are encounters that simply change the transition of things, that turn everything upside down and change your own life. Special moments that make you feel electrified and that, despite their intensity, only matter to those involved. When opposites suddenly attract, when sparks start to fly and the search for your own counterpart is suddenly over.

Moments so special that diary entries have been dedicated to them. So important that you can see and feel the time and passion that went into the transcript of the experience just by looking at the ink, the quality of the paper and the carefully written words.

Philly & Phill translates these unique, passionate and emotionally charged moments into irresistible fragrances - Philly & Phill, the creators of the essences of love. Philly & Phill is known for the hungry passion that comes from electrifying encounters between two people and the associated memories so important that they are kept in a diary.

So beautiful that they are written in ink!

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