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Live the motto of the brand: "Pure luxury" and is as unique as the pearl.

The brand has been combining excellent quality with selected collections of pearls since 1921. Necklaces, rings and necklaces of the manufacturer are internationally known and sought by women all over the world.
All Schoeffel pearls are cultured pearls. They grow in oysters on the edge of the Pacific Ocean from China and Indonesia, across Tahiti and the entire South Seas. Pearls are made from the mother-of-pearl shell of the oyster shell, which is used by the oysters to encase foreign objects. Cultured pearls allow every woman to wear the luxurious jewelry. All pearls are a symbiosis of shine, shape, size and flawless surface. The 4C pearl collection by Schoeffel stands for incomparable beauty, aesthetics and a beguiling shimmer, which is characteristic of every Schoeffel pearl necklace. They are considered the gems of the sea because of their hardness.


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