The story of Shiseido is not just a story about products and services. It is the story of a company that takes a broader perspective to take into account aspects of culture and lifestyle, and seeks to create new values. This is the true story of Shiseido. Here we explore the path of success that Shiseido has pursued since its inception in 1872 as the Japanese first Western-style pharmacy for over 140 years.

In Japan, the fragrance preferences and the sense of aesthetic fragrance enjoyment are regarded as an important expression of sensuality and sophistication. The house Shiseido is shaped by this tradition and conveys this philosophy through its exquisite perfumery, which is above all an experience, a manifesto for courage and artistic commitment.

We from the ZEGG stores also cultivate these fragrance preferences and are happy to advise you personally in our stores ZEGG Haute Parfumerie Arcada, ZEGG 3000 and ZEGG Duty Free Laret (only open in winter).


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