News · 22/04/2024

Philly & Phill

Love is the most mysterious force in our universe. “Philly & Phill” is a tribute to love in all its facets. Founded by Tanja Bublitz, owner of the traditional Munich perfumery Brückner, and her husband Stefan Cozma, “Philly & Phill” writes unmistakable olfactory stories. They are encounters that change the normal course of things and turn life upside down. Moments in which opposites suddenly attract, sparks fly and the search for one's own counterpart comes to an end, which can only be a new beginning. Philly & Phill's stories are more than just a scent, they are love letters and thoughts left in never-fading ink in the most precious diaries to immortalize them in the past, present and future.

Philly & Phill is now available in our ZEGG stores in Samnaun.