AVO UVEZIAN - "Cigars in perfect harmony".
Discover the personal mixes of Avo Uvezian, the legendary jazz and cigar composer, in our ZEGG Duty Free Arcada shop in Samnaun. Classic tobaccos from Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

The charismatic jazz musician of American Armenian origin Avo Uvezian was already known to jazz lovers when he settled in Puerto Rico in the 1980s.
Avo Uvezian had cigars made for his private use, which he also gave his guests to try in the newly opened piano bar. His customers were so excited about the first AVO cigars that Avo Uvezian decided to try his luck as a cigar maker. The excellent quality of the cigars and the typical aromatic AVO flavor, coupled with the cigar passion of Avo Uvezian, helped the AVO cigars to a quick success.
With their Connecticut wrapper and Dominican tobaccos for inlay and wrapper, these Avos spoil every aficionado.

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