From one of the great epochs of history, the Renaissance, comes the Armaretto Disronno. In 1525 a young woman in the pilgrimage town of Saronno near Milan ran a parlor where pilgrims stayed overnight. One of her guests was the famous painter Bernardino Luini, who decorated the Milan church of Santa Maria delle Grazie with frescoes. He was the young hostess model for his Madonna, and she fell in love with him. To enchant him, she developed a pure, tasty liqueur of almonds, other noble fruits and herbs - Disaronno - and gave the painter as a gift of love the recipe of this unique liqueur. The recipe was kept top secret in the painter's family and well protected. It was not until the 18th century that the heirs, the Reina family, decided to turn their passion for the extraordinary liqueur into a profession and to operate the manufacturing in a professional manner. Even today, the production is in the hands of the Reina family from Saronno.

With an amber color with ruby reflections, a persistent and intense fragrant aroma, which remains unchanged even with the addition of ice and is also perfect when mixed with other spirits and drinks in cocktails and long drinks. Sweet and fruity taste balanced by the warming sensation of alcohol. The basic ingredients of the recipe, natural almonds, Madagascar vanilla and purified granulated sugar, increase the aromatic and alcoholic charge and make the taste of Disaronno distinctive and more characteristic than other liqueurs.


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