In our ZEGG stores ZEGG 3000, ZEGG Duty Free Laret and in the Shopping Nevada in Samnaun, enjoy the Hardenberg brandies sip by sip, let them roll over the palate so that the excellent fine and subtle cereal aromas can unfold as best as possible. It is recommended to enjoy the Korn products at a drinking temperature just above zero. It is best to store mild and fine grain brandies at room temperature.

The brand with the boar head has a long tradition. As early as 1700, Karl-Dietrich von Hardenberg founded the Count of Hardenberg's grain distillery at the foot of the medieval castle ruins. Since then the grain has been distilled there, which is considered one of the forefathers of the grain brands in Germany.
The taste and quality of a grain are influenced not only by the firing process itself, but also by the types of grain used and the subsequent storage. The cereals rye, wheat, barley, oats and buckwheat are permitted for the production of grain and grain brandies. However, the use of wheat or rye is particularly popular, with wheat providing a mild taste and rye a strong taste.
The grain brandies from Hardenberg have a 300-year burning tradition, the processes and recipes of which are a closely guarded secret.

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