Discover exclusively the rich, complex and full-bodied cigars of Liga Privada No.9 in our walk-in humidor ZEGG Duty Free Arcada in Samnaun.

"Liga Privada" means translated "private mix". It's the perfect name, as this cigar was not originally made for resale, but exclusively for the then boss of Drew Estate, Steve Saka. Dozens of complex mixes were made, but # 9 was flawless both in taste and character. Rich, complex and full-bodied, without being hard, this amazing Vitola can best be described in one word: satisfying.
The cover is a very dark, oscuro Connecticut Broadleaf from the Connecticut Valley in the US, which is matured for at least 18 months. The binder used is a Brazilian leaf from the Mata Fina region. The insert consists of 7 different tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua.

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