Ron Millonario is the legendary and award-winning Peruvian rum, the rum for real connoisseurs. Have a look at our ZEGG Stores ZEGG 3000, ZEGG Duty Free Arcada and ZEGG Duty Free Laret in Samnaun Engadin and see for yourself.

The story of Ron Millonario begins in Chiclayo, the city of friendship. Chiclayo is located on the Pacific coast in northern Peru, where sugar cane has been grown since the sixteenth century. In 1904, some sugar cane farmers got together and founded a cooperative with its own distillery. However, the beginnings were modest and the rum obtained at that time was far from today's top product. In 1922 the extensive sugar cane plantation was taken over by the Piera de Castilla family.
Slowly but surely, the focus shifted from the raw material sugar cane to the processing industry. In 1938, Don Ronaldo sent his son Augusto to Cambridge, where he devoted himself to studying chemical engineering. When he got back, he had an English sugar cane mill and a Scottish still in his luggage. In 1950 the first Ron Millonario was manufactured. The elaborate production and the exquisite end product meant that only a few could afford the distillate. Therefore, it was initially called "por los millonarios".
In 2004, the Italian oenologist Fabio Rossi took over the brand and its distillery, in which the Ron Millionario is still fermented with its own, rare yeast and distilled in a very slow process. Then the rum matures in American and Slovak oak barrels. Ron Millionario from Peru has been awarded several times with the highest prices that a rum can receive, including twice the title "Rum No.1".

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