Discover the Italian joie de vivre with the impressively balanced taste of Amaro Ramazzotti in our ZEGG stores in Samnaun.

Ramazotti Amaro is enjoyed all over the world today. It all began with the success story of the popular Italian herbal liqueur at the beginning of the 19th century in Milan. Pure Italian joie de vivre: In addition to a good meal, a Ramazzotti Amaro is part of a real Italian evening in good company - and has been for 200 years.
Its bitter-sweet note is due to the traditional digestive of a refined herbal recipe from 33 different herbs. Star anise, ginger and gentian root also contribute to its uniquely balanced taste. So it is not surprising that such carefree evenings full of enjoyment sometimes take a little longer. Best enjoyed Ramazzotti Amaro pure, on ice or with a splash of lemon. The impressively balanced taste comes in all three variants to full advantage.

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